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A strong dismiss all over contemporary view

a strong dismiss all over contemporary view

Hamilton CEO Mr. Sylvain Dolla is really proud of this fact, and we've enjoyed a lot conversations together talking about working with various production teams. He makes it clear just how impressed he is at how many knowledgeable watch lovers there are in Hollywood.

Summer continues as we offer one lucky reader a Mark Carson Individual Design Hawaii "Ka La" timepiece this month on aBlogtoWatch. Mark Carson designed and assembles each Ka La watch in Hawaii, with their unique design yet classic composure. The Ka La watch (hands-on review here) collection includes about a dozen versions and is based on a unique 43mm wide steel case with large arch lugs.

Well watches. They showed me the Type XXII 3880ST watch and i immediately noticed that it was different than the piece I previously discussed. The most noteworthy change was the removal of the linear indicator under 12 o'clock. What makes this one all the bit more unique is that it’s signed as a Blancpain movement. So, what do you create when you have a movement of this vintage and pedigree? Well, a Fifty Fathoms homage, of course.The movement is wrapped in a 42.5mm case that has similar lines to the FF, and topped with what can best be described as a Panerai-inspired sandwich dial. The dial itself is topped with a sapphire crystal (bringing the overall height to around 15mm), and surrounded by a rotating bezel.

Together, this range signals a new aesthetic direction for the brand thanks to the inclusion of a sapphire dial.The new HYT H1 Air RC44 – looking almost grey in this image but, as you'll see in our hands-on images, is in fact much more blue than shown hereChances are that you have very much heard about the brand before, but for those first encountering them, we will go over very quickly what put HYT on the map.?Founded in 2012, HYT is best known for its use of specially formulated fluids to indicate the hours in place of a traditional hand. Two fluids – one coloured and one clear – are stored in two massive, cylindrical "bellows," located towards the bottom of the dial. A traditional, hand-wound movement (the H1 uses a 28,,800vph engine with a power reserve of 65 hours) powers the expansion and contraction of the bellows.

I mean, why not,, right? If you have patent protection, then by all means, mention it. I wonder,, however, how this fact effects desire among collectors. On the one hand,, a patent doesn't really add anything to the inherent value. Here engineers work, in calm,, slightly chemically smelling chambers which are well lit and remarkably peaceful. Go to the other side of things and you'll find watchmakers in white robes sitting at high desks which operate similar to those from hundreds of years ago. A white environment is kept extremely clean.

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