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Just have a look over at to the side of the page

just have a look over at to the side of the page

As their project page states, this isn’t their first rodeo, so as long as funding hits before the project closes on September 11, this is a watch we should see getting made (and it’s already 90% funded). Of course, when that happens, I’ve a feeling we’ll be able to bring you a hands on review as well. For now, check out the project page?for additional details.

First, the case is in 18k pink gold versus white gold.? Instead of amethyst,, the watch design uses pink toned quartz and rubellite. It also has diamonds, and a mix of pink, purple, and blue sapphires. This should be a nice "day owl" compliment to the night owl.I have to say that the combined effort of MB&F and Boucheron is really rewarding.

Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk watch, but that is ok. I feel that the market is big enough for a few versions of this "digital mechanical" theme. While the Zeitwek is more a tuxedo friendly watch, thhe Vagabondage II is a true wrist borne machine in all its exposed glory.

The Cartier Calibre Diver watch combines a high-luxury sense of design and prestige with the presumed durability of a sports watch. It is either? Is it both? Those are good questions, and ones that are okay to ask,, given that Cartier has been among the few major luxury watch brands who have been very consistent in making sure that their dressy lifestyle watches for men are almost always founded on sporty principles.Think about the major Cartier watch collections such as the Santos, Pasha, Roadster, Tank,, and Calibre. Of course there are exceptions but these timepieces are at least inspired or themed on things like flying, driving, diving, etc...

Normally when I have an article title starting of with “Introducing”, we are bringing you news of a brand new model, or perhaps a hands-on of a piece that was just introduced. Today is more of the news sort, with it serving as an introduction to a new brand their watches.Now, I call Evarii Watch a new brand, but it actually has a familiar face (for me) behind it – the same team that brought us Egard Watches (you can see our articles here) are also behind this new endeavor. What they are looking to bring to market is a modular system, allowing to you change out the main components of the watch – the case, bezel, face (dial, movement and crystals), crown, and of course the strap.So,, right off the start,, they have an interesting – and ambitious – goal.

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