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This is sure to be a solid three

this is sure to be a solid three,

Montblanc is a pen company. They do watches as an aside, some sort of weird cross-marketing thing that presumably they’ll use to convince watch lovers to go and pick up some pens. However, they have truly outdone themselves with the TimeWriter 1 Metamorphosis.Ariel at ABlogtoRead found the full details on this watch but, in short, when you pull down a lever the entire face changes.

While I cannot say that I’ve experienced this particular movement (which comes from Swiss Technology Production, owned by Fossil), it is a welcome change to see the brand use the automatic. Going through their materials, most of their watches utilize quartz movements, with a lot of focus on the design of the watch. Here, by incorporating an automatic – and going with the discs – is more of a jump to create a higher-end piece, in my estimation.Which is not to say that the Savoy Epic Vault is particularly an expensive watch.

Contributed by Adam MorinThe Nike+FuelBand is device that you wear on your wrist which tells the time but I certainly wouldn't call it a watch, The time telling aspect is really just an added bonus since you can't simply glance at your wrist to take note of the time. It's more of a lifestyle item with the primary function of keeping you active.

Evans is the driving force behind GasGasBones, and has branched out from nylon and leather straps (and other goods), into the world of watches. His second foray, under the new brand, is the 6B MKII.As with the MK I that preceded it, the MK II has a lot of Evan’s own work going into it. He of course makes the straps, but he has also expanded his manufacturing skills and capabilities, which I followed with interest via social media.

She proudly carries with her a large sketch book full of drawings,, clippings, and inspirations which illustrate the development of the Skull watch. According to Fiona, breitling replica uk, her studies at ECAL were specifically in the design and production of luxury items - and of course, it doesn't surprise me that such areas of study are specified and offered in Switzerland. She mentioned that, on at least a few occasions, replica watches uk, watch brands would work with the local Swiss design school to have students create designs and concepts for their brands - in some instances, that turns into business for them both.

I really cannot create a piece while thinking ‘Oh damn,, no one is ever going to buy this!’. And that’s why most creativity I see today in the watch industry comes from the smallest entities. It’s not that the big ones don’t have ideas or that they are smarter or not as smart as others – it’s just that the risk they are allowed to take is not the same as we can.ABTW: I see all this creativity and enthusiasm going into the Machines and it definitely makes me curious about something: if you could do something else – I know you wanted to be a car designer –,, what would it be? In other words do you plan on extending your and hence MB&F’s operation to beyond watch making?MB:?Two to three years ago when journalists would ask me I would answer ‘No, there are so many more ideas I want to explore in watch making that I have no intention to create something else.’ And they were all pretty disappointed.

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